Italian word of the week: brivido

Work out your brain cells with Italian

A new week another word.

The word: Brivido [ˈbrivido] 

What does it mean? It means shiver/shudder/thrill.


Why is it my word of the week? Last week I was standing with one of the English teachers waiting to go into a class. She had a brivido. She explained to me that in Italy when you have a brivido people say that an angel has just walked past you. It’s quite an interesting explanation.

Here are some useful phrases

Un brivido mi corre lungo la schiena – a shiver runs down my spine

Vivere sull’orlo del brivido – live on the edge

Cercare il brivido – thrill-seeking

brivido di paura/ piacere  – thrill (sensation of fright/pleasure)

Hope this was helpful 🙂

Ciao Lorena

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