Osama Bin Laden … An Older Post written at the time of his death.

I wrote this to a friend in response to his words about the killing of osama bin ladin. I decided to share it, it’s its true form, unedited…They reported removal of the body was to avoid any displays or a gathering place of worship keeping the fire of terrorism more alive…I would like to see at least pics of the dead carcass but the naysayers would still not believe…I admit when the doubters came on, I too examined the whys of political gain to give a false report…This is too big to lie, I think…as with any BIG name in history, there will always be doubters. Hey Elvis just had a peanut butter banana sandwich with me…:) I actually wonder how they buried him. Cut him up for fish food…there it is.. I won’t eat another fish…just unceremoniously dump him over the side, or have someone walk him along a gang plank…I truly can’t see them giving him any religious send off…I really would have to see pics on this…and then there is always photo shop and what about real time…pretend, snap and still dump his evil ass over the side…We are spending too much time on this man, he’s already taken ten years…I know this is so small compared to all who died…but he made me afraid too, robbed me of good times, cut me off from my world or so it felt and that’s just as real…
I know some would say if you had to feel these things anywhere, Paris is a good place, but I still remember walking around, stiffened by the reality, fearing one of the soldiers now in high alert would shoot first, and I would be in the cross hairs, trying to give information to terrified visitors knowing in many ways I was a lifeline because I got CNN, the fear of seeing an airport vacated as I arrived to get on a plane, the man rushing through the airport hugging too tightly a briefcase and wondering should I scream bomber, knowing I didn’t because the fear of ridicule in my overreaction was greater than others safety including my own, standing in cue smelling the fear off everyone’s sweat wondering what would be taken from me while I listened to the arguing and screams of others losing belongings, a symbolism of what we really had lost, an innocence of being at arm’s length from terrorism, a joy of what should have been a simple pleasure, tears hidden behind terrified eyes while boarding a plane, the breath escaping when the wheels touched down at Pearson unaware I had been holding it like I had been holding the fear of dying, the visions of those who had died sitting like I was, wondering if I’d ever see my family again. And in a couple of hours of touching down, home, safely, it was too overwhelming the surrealism of buying objects at auction while lives were shattered and the world had lost hold of its right of freedom to choose, to live,  to feel safe.
These thoughts and experiences are still vivid, still real, still choking. If I amplify them a trillion time, I might get how those people felt that day in the direct hit of hatred and one man’s greed wanting to control the world the same thing he despised America for…Money they say is power and he showed us its evil power that day. Yes, we went on in spite of him but even today, the fear instilled in us is palpable. As we said in the schoolyard, we say now, forever…never give in to a bully….
Added note: We all will remember…send prayers and strength to those families forever changed in their grief of loss because their loved ones believed in the truth of freedom, family and love, even for those they never would meet.

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