First posted in March, 2011, given not much has changed to the not so great hockey hits. We’re now into the NHL playoffs and this becomes once again, very relevant.

NHL players are trained to be aware of where they are on the ice at all times. Granted mistakes are made. This wasn’t one of them. Zdeno Chara saw his location, an opportunity to do damage on a pain in his ass opponent. A rivalry that long lost it’s bud, now in full bloom.

The hit could be called clean, Max Pacioretty’s ice location cannot. Moving, redoing the posts will not relocate the attitudes of today’s players and the young children growing up in a hockey environment.

I know as a Mother the fear of watching your child take an illicit hit. During a final, my son, then sixteen, was clothes lined down the center of the ice. His body flew up into the air and turned horizontal. Even with his equipment, his thin shape looked a like a sheet of paper, hanging in suspension until gravity and the force of this ‘blood thirsty’ assault smashed him on the ice. In that frozen second, I didn’t believe he would get up. But he did and yes, his teammates retaliated.

The hockey game quickly turned into a cuff a fist. No longer a hockey game, it became a game of pin the bloody boy in the garbage bins. No shouting, whistles, muscled men would force them from the location inside their minds. It was war. It was accepted. It was 1988. Need I hit on another location to make my point – again?

The league has done little to make hockey a game once again. 2011 and we watch with more horror than ever in the history of the game, players’ careers killed by the money makers.

If the NHL won’t relocate their attitudes before a man or woman in the future is relocated to a permanent place in the ground: Mothers must! You don’t want to witness your child’s final location – before their time!

This writer is a Philly fan! GO FLYERS!

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