Spring sends love into the air, and so will Something Missing

Hazel Robinson author of Something Missing chats fun facts about herself and her main character

Please tell the readers something revealing about you, Hazel Robinson.

Hey everyone! Something revealing….well Im a huge and I mean HUGE supernatural fan!!

What led you to the book idea for your new release May 1st, Something Missing?

After reading a tragic romance novel I fell in love with the whole ‘true love over comes any tragedy’ idea and wanted to bring a new kind of romance to the table, I have had the idea for a very long time I just needed a boost to write it down.

Does a writer in some ways, have to be tough?

I think they do yeah, not just in the writing but also in the releasing it and standing by it against good and bad. Some will not like what you write and you have to be able to take it on the chin and carry your head up high.

Were you a reader as a child?

Not really, I am now I love reading as a child I remember reading the railway children and the famous 5.

Who’s your favorite author?

A.L.Jackson… her books are a dream to read she throws so many emotions into her stories and her characters come to life.

Where do you mostly write?

Im my living room on the sofa, I have a little office but it feels lonely and I can’t focus properly

How do you wind down after a writing session?

A nice cup of tea, my feet up on the sofa and my favourite programmes ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Vampire Diaries’

Where’s your favourite vacation spot?

I love the Lake District and South Wales, I love been in a caravan in the middle of nowhere

Where would you like to live?

My dream is if I had the chance I would move abroad to Colorado or Australia im holding out hope on that hehe

When did you know you wanted to write?

It’s something I have been silently plotting for a while but around two years ago it clicked that THIS is what I want to do and im going to try my hardest.

What advice do you have for a new writer?

Don’t give up, never stop trying it’s a tough world out there and you may get lots of no’s and you may get bad reviews but learn from them. Find other authors and bloggers, build a friendship with them they will help you. Team up with another author and have writing sessions they will keep you going when you feel like stopping.

How many hours a day do you write?

I try to write nearly every evening for about three to four hours but some nights I will go more and some days I sit staring at the screen and don’t write anything it really all depends on how focused I am.

How did you keep up your spirits while writing this book?

I focus on the finishing goal, on the accomplishment ill achieve when I finish. My kids love the fact that I have written a book and it really boosted my spirits on the ending chapters when I just couldn’t finish.

What’s your favourite genre in writing?

At the moment romance but I would love in the future to write a horror, really scary horror like ghosts and everything

What’s your favourite film?

Last of the Mohican’s, there is a romantic touching scene in it that makes me cry every time. Everyone I know hates it because I will watch it whenever it comes on the telly

How did you prep for your main character before writing?

Susan didn’t take much prepping she has always been with me I just needed to open up and let her out.

How much of you is in this character?

Susan has a lot of me in her, I am madly in love, have been for 11 years and my husband is my strength. She also has my mind set. I will put up a fight for what I want, she also loves reading and P!nk like me.

What’s the name of your main character?


How did you decide on this name?

Ah well, Susan is a name very close to me I had a very close friend that I lost a couple of years ago. She made a big impact on the person I wanted to be so when it came to creating my characters I knew there was only one name. I even have an ‘s’ tattooed on my wrist…

Do you have hobbies or other interests?

I love reading and I like making things like charm bracelets and craft things like that. I also enjoy been out in the open im very outdoorsy I love day trips out to parks and castles

Will you write other genres?

After I finish the true love series (at the moment it is set at 5 standalone romance novels) I want to try a horror

What’s the most interesting for you, research or the psychology of your characters?

I enjoyed the psychology of my characters, I love getting into their heads and digging deep.

Was there anything surprising in your research of the main character or any character?

The home town the book is set! I am a massive supernatural fan and of course everyone knows they are the Winchester brothers, while researching the perfect little town for the set I found a town called Winchesea!! I thought to myself “I have to use that town” it’s the supernatural fan in me!

Would you please quote a passage from your novel, Something Missing?

The faint touch of lips on her cheek woke her late in the night. Opening her eyes

to the sight of Max made her smile, despite how angry she’d been at him earlier.

+++20 FUN FACTS  about your Main Character…

Susan Birch

1.She likes listening to pink

2.She enjoys reading paranormal romance

3.Susan loves angels

4.She loves the feel of max twirling her hair around his fingers

5.She enjoys a drink (maybe too much)

6.She has a passion for art

7.She knows pouting at max will get her everywhere

8.Her favourite outfit is her sweatpants

9.Apart from a trip to Paris with Max, she has never left England or been on holiday

10.Her dream job is to be a midwife, but she never had the chance to

11.Susan loves roses

12.She loves lazy Sundays in front of the telly

13.She has a huge crush on Stefan Salvatore (not my first choice I’m more team Damon)

14.She never wears make-up, she hates it

15.She loves the smell of bacon cooking

16.She hates eating veg

17.Susan gets restless feet at night (which drives Max mad when she can’t keep her feet still all night)

18.She has never coloured her hair

19.She has never had a pet, never

20.She loves the colour red

Thank you Hazel Robinson. From this interview I’ve gleaned your new novel, ***release on May 1, 2014, will spark and sizzle on the pages. Please come back any time to update your readers on book signings or just to say hey.

LOOK HERE –  Book Release May 1, 2014….Hazel Robinson’s release party blitz for Something Missing May 2-4, 2014 on Facebook.
FIND Author Hazel Robinson on FB now for information, details on give aways and really*much more!

***AVAILABLE FORMATS: e-Book on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com and Paperback available from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com. (It will be available for other retailers after December 2014)


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