AUTHOR ALLEY: REVIEW Breaking My Heart by Aleya Michelle

I read the ARC version of Breaking My Heart to give my honest opinion of its contents and writer. Roxy! With a Y not an I! Raw, brash twenty something girl has it all figured out about guys and their libido driven actions. Roxy plays hard while keeping her walls intact, the result of losing someone important early in childhood. Looking for love, she settles for lust. Or does she? Her screw you attitude digs deep inside her psyche. Does she have a good reason for this? Almost having her career together, she keeps falling  into a string of bad dates, and one night stands. Mixed with an endless cycle of booze, drugs and hangovers. Does it take the one to put her back on track with her perceptions of men, love and life? Enter Kade! Buff, bronze body, polite, admiring straight out of the gate. Really? My own bias and female instincts kick in here. Will this guy who is equally competent at his ‘land’ job as well as breaking waves, stand up as hard as his body parts while riding into Roxy’s life? Does too good rattle your female composure?  An innocent by society standards, he’s a quick learner. What about? Love, life, reality? So many questions to keep you turning the page while you’re entertained by the two lovers. Steaming pages, open to sexual pleasures. Kade ‘s young energy whether it’s riding the surf or Roxy, brings the heat of summertime in Aussie land. While Roxy turns on her female prowess scorching the pages. Local, crisp language, flowing scenes and sharp tones throughout brings you aboard to Australia, Roxy and Kade. You’ll glimpse inside the two main characters in the unfolding of the story. From start to finish, I keep changing my opinion of Roxy while she navigates through her relationship and Kade. The side characters, their own desires and flaws, add to the realistic story telling. Amidst the high tide and dips of emotion and sweet surprises. Depending on your point of view, the ending will satisfy you, possibly leave you panting for more. If you look for a real life love story swirling and  sizzling,layered true characters and real time language, then open this book and begin reading for A snap Four Star story. 
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Aleya Michelle


Currently Aleya working on Book Two ! …Healing My Heart


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