Fall is Near!

Over the last several weeks I noticed the days growing shorter. It comes with back in the day giggles and great apprehension of what’s ahead, weather wise.
My giggle is the teenager of several summers wishing night to fall believing in its magic and hiding my antics driving mad a boy with copious kisses and a resounding no when his hand slipped down – or up.
The apprehension of today arrives with the first north wind breaking through my jacket. I chastise myself for not taking full advantage of the summer days. In truth, summer barely arrived this year. Three, four days, tops, brought humidity and swearing.
Nonetheless, one more giggle bursts through the thinner air as the leaves turn brilliant before the deep chill and snowflakes. I swear never to lose the silly girl turning up the heat covered inside summer star filled nights. Nor wanting just one more summer day even if it must come short and gritty.

Rosi Phillips

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to make you smile…Rodi Phelen

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