Battle For Honor – GATES by RJ Brousseau

Mystical. Masterful Tale of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Blown away – Twisty, gripping story weaved by a father and son team.

Immediately I follow willingly through a winding cave, my senses naked as the male character, Marcus. I instantly trust the instincts of this stranger through the author’s painting of razor sharp pacing. I feel his fear. Confusion. I step gingerly behind him through a palpable mind maze as he takes each step through the dark never knowing what each will bring. I gape at the armor muddled near the refreshing waters. A lump remains in my throat for a very long time as the painting of words with razor sharp pacing keeps my fingers busy swiping my ereader…I was given this book to read and give an honest review. I’m not a huge fan of this genre but sometimes I like to step out with masterpieces such as Lord of the Rings. I’m so glad I did with this sparking story. I’d pay admission if this becomes a movie. Even with best selling authors, I’ve had to go back a time or a few when there are many characters. Masters Brousseau finds the juggernaut of each of the characters allowing the reader to advance in his tightly knitted story. Marcus, an undead warrior and a man of conscience carries you to ancient lands in the best seat. The dialogue, narrative and descriptions show the skill, as sharp as a sword, and the bountiful imagination of the authors exploring multi faceted people – A King and Queen, Fairies, Humans, Priests, Gnomes, Elves, and more. The authors with an ease gives you all you need to know about the characters, lands, settings and action resulting in the reader never feeling overwhelmed. You expect twists. Hold on. The reader is rewarded with numerous turns. Make time to read this novel as it’s not easy to mark your page to end your reading session. A snap five star entertaining journey. I’m excited as I wait for the sequel.

You can find this book on Amazon, Goodreads & more.


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