Charley Murphy staggers down the wrong Boston alley. He’s been going down Jamieson Whiskey road for most of his life. Yet on this ‘should be sobering’ night in 1975, witnessing a big boss murder, the reader thinks he’ll curb his appetite for drink. Not Charley.

Yet he fulfills his civic duty, and helps land the criminal with a long memory in jail. For his bravery, Charley’s rewarded with extraction from his family, loved ones and his life in Boston.

Meet Chance Donovan. Does he seem familiar? Except for the name and relocation, Charley remains in his faithfulness to the bottle. This upheaval possibly rock bottom for many, did little for a seemingly broken man. What are his chances?

The author’s insight of human frailties and guts splay across each page. Characterization mixes smoothly in detailed scenes, conversation, description with a shot of humanity at its lowest and best.

A perfect pitch of edgy style moves the story drenched in gut churning situations, heart wrenching loss and problems, uproots – bravery, resolve and redemption. Laughter too.

The author skilfully shadows the unknown. The reader looks over their shoulder waiting with Chance for his past to collide into his stumbling present.

Many times, Patrick shows the reader his writing expertise inside character’s doubt, shame, degradation, unfairness and still has plenty to pull out their morals, beliefa, and salvation.

The story’s plausibility holds steady, even when a human stretches beyond measure in either direction whether butted into constant turmoil or pulling it together.

Chance needs to make a living. What better job for an alcoholic than a bar? It serves Chance a better life and an opportunity to learn how deep his resolve reaches. Even when the no way happens.

The reader cheers on Chance. Rising up not only for himself but for the many souls crossing his path needing another chance at life.

Patrick shows the reader a seedy side of life and addiction. His treatment of Second Chances plants hope and validation too.

With all that’s happening in this novel, who’d blame the reader for not expecting twists in this tale? Surprises will come. Up to the end.

This book channels understanding addiction and the hardships inside the bottle or any addictive substance; better yet, the struggle to get out.

This well plotted tale never misses a beat in its ripping timing and rhythm. I call this read, a red eyes, 5 star, sobering story. Before you begin, bring tissues.
This reader did not receive compensation for a review. I can’t wait for more reads by this author.

Available on Amazon and more.
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