Kindness (NaBloPoMo, Day 18)

Kindness is timeless…Never goes out of style.

Black Cats + Black Diamonds


Tell us about one time that you benefited from the kindness of strangers.

Whenever I am told that I am far too nice, I always think to myself how kindness is a lost art; how when I see a person who is less fortunate than I and I offer them some sort of kindness, like offering them a hot meal or giving them a few dollars to help them out, they look at me as if they are expecting for me to demand something from them. My great-grandfather was always unfailingly kind to others and he always told me that telling someone a simple, “please” or “thank you” went a long way to giving them a positive impression of who you were as a person.

I have been treated kindly by others and also treated badly by others. I have always taken these experiences into account and evaluated why the reactions…

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