How to NOT Write Like a Loser: Exercise #2 – Follow the Rules

Writing Nuts to gather for lean times

Doctor Loser

Nobody wants to write like a loser – not even me, Dr. Loser! We all hope to write quickly, precisely, powerfully, prolifically and profound, not this wimpy, patient, confusing, mundane drivel that brings us nothing but headaches and heartbreak.

I’ve arrogantly made it my goal to blow out the back of common writing process problems and impregnate the womb of society with new techniques for overcoming the weaknesses of the writerly world.

Last week I introduced a new writing exercise technique made for those who find themselves not writing enough words when they sit down to transcribe their thoughts. Maybe they get caught up in editing or they write slowly, but my Holding Your Breath and Writing to the Death drills would literally force you to write more words or risk passing out in a aneurismic fit. I noticed that some of my old friends/readers (troll-extraordinaire phatdog, the lovely Jee…

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