It might be the fastest selling single of the year, but maybe that’s because hardly anyone buys singles any more.

Complainers are happy to latch onto anything to complain about. Proactive should be contagious. I Applaud this remake. Did I say I hate remakes. lol

Out On A Limb

There have been so many good articles and blog posts about Band Aid 30 that I accept I won’t be able to come up with a new angle (and as avid readers will know, I’m not into stealing ideas from other people…). Instead I thought I would round my favourites up for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Underground Magazine identify the real danger: Bob Geldof epidemic could spread to West Africa

Informative and very funny: 10 facts for Bob Geldof

A celebrity who actually ‘gets it’: Why I had to turn down Band Aid

Steve Hynd enjoys the best thing about blog writing: a platform to rant (amusingly) when something annoys you: Band Aid 30 lyrics as ‘patronising and fatalistic as they are bizarre and untrue’ 

A mature response from RE:IMI (Race Equality: In Music Industry): Open letter re Band Aid 30 Ebola Single

Bryony Gordon for The Telegraph

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