Studying with a mental illness

It’s always about your journey, not anyone’s perceptions of how you arrived at your goal.

Broken Heart Inspired Art

Many people have asked me how I’ve coped over the last semester with studying at uni while still struggling with mental illness. I have previously attempted study at CIT (TAFE) and have dropped out each time (about 3 times I think). So what makes this time different? How come I managed to get through my first semester of Uni, which is very different from CIT, get all my work in on time and not drop out?

I don’t have a straight forward answer. There is no “here is how I did it!”. I’m still genuinely surprised that I made it through at all, let alone getting good marks and getting all my assignments in on time.

Firstly, living with my parents this year has allowed me some more financial leeway. Money has always been a big stress for me (as for many people) as I have not held down a…

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