Stand Up Newfoundlanders It’s A Dangerous Life

Prime Minister Harper shags Newfoundland again. Double tongue same as Smallwood. Our first Newfoundland Premier, long gone, but his foot still reaches the wrongs of the fishing industry from the get go, giving away our island and its fishery in 1949.
Today, International countries win! We lose! Our current NL Premier needs to toughen up! Get the deal told by Ottawa (Harper) in the first place. Hasn’t NL politicians learned anything? Get Harper to sign agreements. Never shake his sweaty palm!
As it stands now, Any fish caught in our waters will not be held to processing in Newfoundland. For a long time, Cdn. Gov’t allowed boats to steal our fish with processing plants on board. What chance does the small boat have against this outrageous exploitation?
Anyone doing a count as it seems cod comes aplenty now. Not for those who should be allowed to fish in their own waters, well ahead of another int’l trade agreement.
Harper’s doesn’t give a care for the little people. He’s too focused on his hair do and hanging around the political playground with the big boys.
Too many communities have shrivelled with the fishing industry. Nothing seems to come into play to stop drying up a way of life deep and as hard as the rock it was built on.
This industry is double danger. Fishing is difficult and unpredictable on the waters. My main image is not a rendering of a boat in slamming seas. The other danger comes from Canadian government and their back door politics leaving hunger at many Newfoundland tables.
Maybe it’s time boats swarm these outsiders and let the fish rot like the fisherman who can only watch their livelihood float away!!!!
We need change not always shut out.

Rant and Roar like true Newfoundlanders!





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