The Journey of a Lifetime

Impromptu Promptlings

journey 2In my heart there is a restlessness
I cannot put aside.
It spans the earth from forest glades
to ocean’s moonlit tides.

For torn I am for want of both
the rootedness of trees
that seek the well-spring deep below
and rustle in the breeze;

And ocean’s ceaseless journey
to distant unknown shores,
its gentle, womb-like rocking,
its chaotic, mighty roar.

And so my heart doth travel
‘tween contentment and emotion,
peace of leaves and gentle paths,
excitement of the ocean.

But often times my heart is spent
and cannot find its way,
and so it is it comes to you
weary of the day.

You take my hand and lead me
to a place that knows no harm,
to the shelter of your steadfast love,
the safety of your arms.

For you are the port my heart doth seek
where forest meets the sea,
and with you ever in…

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