Is Love Enough? [twelve] [28-31012015]

Just a boy …and his love. Just a girl…and her love. We all have hearts – Love them.


I wanted to write this post 2weeks ago but emotions and circumstance took over, and well it gave me time to think and for circumstances to change, but more of that later. Just the other night I managed to find a couple of pieces I wrote nearly a year ago which pretty much sums up what I wanted to write about. Let me set the scene a little more before I show you what I wrote previously. Obviously things have been what you might called strained between me and the BF for a while and with temptation been thrown into the mix and time ticking along faster than necessary, with my 25th fast approaching and the threat of being either being landed with the house I can’t wait to leave (thanks to my housemates and the mess that is the way it is run) or having to find somewhere else…

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