The Enigmatic Circles of Moray

Steps out of our realm…

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Readers of this blog must have wondered where I disappeared to over the last two weeks. Indeed, I was away – traveling in South America (Peru and Chile). I went to Santiago to attend a workshop on modeling innovations, but most of the time I spent in Peru. Together with two friends we toured Cuzco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machu Picchu, Moche, and Chan Chan. This was a remarkable experience. I learned a lot about the Andean civilizations, with which I had little previous experience, and, I expect, I’ve collected much fodder for future blogs.

When traveling to Inca and lowland sites, we generally avoided hiring guides. The problem with guides is that if you see anything puzzling, they always come up with a ready explanation. And you never know whether they just made it up, or whether they are repeating a bit of received wisdom, which has…

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