Mood Interrupted

Sometimes I can feel a mood coming on,
it creeps along like a sad, sad song.
And before I realize what’s being done,
I begin looking for the smoking gun.

Why all the sudden do I feel blue?
Why does it feel like I’ve taken more than I can chew?
What will make these feelings subside?
When will a better feeling arrive?

I need to find the switch,
to turn off this nervous twitch.
I need to take a deep sigh,
before I sit down and cry.

Where did these thoughts arise?
I just need to close my eyes;
to find a sense of peace,
and end this looming grief.

It feels like it’s raining in my head,
and makes me want to go back to bed.
I just want to cover my face,
and leave from this public place.

But there’s no logical explanation,
to excuse this culmination;

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