How Do You Know?

I don’t love easily yet he found a way in only to leave my heart open. I shut it before I heard his last footstep…Love when it binds the right hearts amazes me. I hold not love today, yet hope for tomorrow.

Through My Glasses

For the Romantics.

Part I

The thing about me is that I fall in “love” too easily. What is love anyway?

I am currently reading Anaïs Nin’s diary from the year 1931–1932 about her various affairs but most specifically about her affair with Henry Miller. There are so many beautiful passages about love—in those moments of reading those beautiful passages, I think I understand what love is.

You know, it is almost like reading about a sunset. You can imagine how beautiful it is, and you think you know how beautiful it is, but it’s not until you see a sunset yourself—not until you experience its entirety—that you truly know how wonderful—how breathtaking—how consuming it is. I imagine it’s that way with love, too.

diary,  December 27, 2014

Part II

The two of us are sitting in an almost-empty theatre. It’s late in the evening. We’re waiting for the…

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