Day 2

INTERESTING exercise. I like it!

Just write something, damn it.

The second writing exercise is this:

Day 2:
Create a character with personality traits of someone you love, but the physical characteristics of someone you don’t care for.

Rebecca was the kind of person that made you respect her, whether you liked it or not. She was intelligent, creative and a born leader. Cool under pressure, you would never see her let her emotions take over in times where it would be easy to fall victim to them. At the same time, she was incredibly easy to talk to and took great pride in teaching someone that wanted to be taught. Short and almost too skinny, with small hands that almost scared you, she had no grace to her body. But she more than made up for it with her outstanding display of character.

I’m not sure if I did this right. At first I described negative physical traits but I…

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