No Fall Zones

Get back up. Your climb doesn’t end when you fall! Never quit!

Is There a Word for That

There is a certain point in difficult climbs where you don’t get to turn around. You reach “no fall zones” and you have one option: do it. You just have to get through it, because you don’t have any other choice. There is enough rope between you and the ground that it won’t catch you. There is a move that could have you landing on a ledge, or protection that is just sketchy enough to fail you. What’s worse is that we don’t see these moments coming until we’re in them. We don’t know the our slack won’t catch us, until we realize we need to be caught. We find ourselves suddenly off-route, with significant fall potential and broken bones, or worse, waiting for us on the ground. In these moments we either make it, or we don’t.

Life is full of moments that make or break us. Yes, it’s…

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