Another Member of Society

We are all human. We all want love.


Another Member of Society

We never really show who we are
I’m afraid that we wouldn’t recognize ourselves
Whether we were near or afar
Most of us live the same
We only show parts of us
A frame
And we’d never dare open the whole window pane
All we’d see is a far off foreign land
If you turned off the lights
The only way you knew you were there is if you saw your hand
All your conversations are bland
Because when you look into the mirror
You don’t recognize that man

Artificial is my middle name
I only live to please people so each day is the same
And the day that I actually was myself never came
What happened to living true
And only acting like you?
Why do we do the things we do?
We constantly live just to get each day through

When’s the last…

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