The Scents of Books and Bread

Two fav scents for the senses.

Novels, Sweets, and Korma

Books have long been a love of mine. I almost always have one on hand, even if I know I won’t be reading it. There is just something comforting about its presence. And one cannot forget the smell of a book. You are not a true bibliophile if you don’t occasionally press your nose into an open book and breathe in deeply to take in its lovely scent.

Old well-kept books and new books differ in their aromas yet they are equally wonderful. One of the very first things I do when I begin reading a book is to smell it. To you non-booklovers out there, this may sound odd, but every bibliophile understands this desire to breathe in the scent of a book. One day, I hope to hold my own published book in my hands, bury my face in it pages, and take in its new book smell…

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