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Lately, I have been spending too much time reading and writing or trying to write at the very least. Lately, I have been living in a hazy atmosphere crammed with thoughts and silent thoughts. When I read, I sometimes say a word out loud and the resonance of my own voice dazes me; it seems unreal, like the muffled sounds of dreams. I am living in a cloud of whispers, in a cloud of dreams and thoughts. When I drive to city or to the supermarket, I remember the hustle and bustle of reality. I have not turned away living. In fact, the verities of life are my best companions in this ministudio where I happen to work and live. Musings bring me closer to humans, to all joys, sorrows and disquiets. Musings are quiet and also musical since they have the singsong melody of everyday, of the precise routine that I…

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