Writing 500 to 1,000 Words At A Time

Time and attention equals a gain or a loss. You must give both to find where you stand…

Scrawlings of a Mad Man

I wonder if people had longer attention spans would I write more with each post? I used to write 1,ooo to 3,000 word posts when I first started out blogging and before blogging when I was sending Scrawlings of a Mad Man by email. Then I learned a few things about on and offline reading habits, the typical reader quickly scans articles looking for information related to them and if and only if they find something of interest to them, which can encompass a lot of things, they will go back and read the article. However, if the article is too long they will stop reading unless the article is written well and relates to them. Typically 500 to 8o0 words. 1,000 words is pushing it and over 1,200 the article had better be written well, organized well, and have plenty of eye-movers such as headers and pictures to keep the…

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