How Much Justice is in Here For Misogny 

Dalhousie University male students found guilty for abusive, sexual deviance to female counterparts, (misogyny),  I do not accept your temperate modification of attitude and beliefs through Mandatory resources to effect change towards women. You did what it would take to elicit a degree for your future. I suggest all females to make note of these men to assure you’re not at the receiving end caught in a vulnerable, trusting position at the hands of these deviant future dentists. Did our justice system have these men undergo a Physiatric evaluation to ascertain if they could be repeat offenders? Why aren’t we hearing what the women accosted by these men have to say about the outcome? Play nice, attend class, say the right words, and you get a free pass. I hope I’m wrong. Crap! Meanwhile, no one talks about how these women and all those sexually abused never sheds this dark time. They can’t attend a class, say nice words to make it go away, sweep in under an institutions dirty rug or power it away to last week’s news. They’re scarred as if they did something as horrific of which has been done to them. There’s nothing ‘nice’ here for them.


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