Mildred’s Resistance by Katie Cross- Cover Reveal

Great BD gift for me!

Evan W.S. Morgan

If you haven’t heard about The Network Series by Katie Cross yet, I regret to inform you that you have been missing out on something wonderful. There are only two books out so far, which are Miss Mabel’s School for Girls and Antebellum Awakening. I have had the pleasure of becoming friends with Katie over the past eight months, and have found her to be not only an awesome writer, but someone who truly believes in her work and wants to help authors who might want to enter the world of indie publishing.

Today, I am excited to share with you the synopsis, cover, and release date for the prequel to The Network Series, Mildred’s Resistance!

Coming July 15, 2015…

Absolute Power Corrupts Even the Best of Friends.

Mildred Graeme is a witch that knows what it’s like to fail. She loathes small talk, struggles with magic,

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