AUTHOR’S ALLEY – Novel in progress “Unquiet Silence*” by Jordie Morrissey  *copy write 2014 All Rights Reserved

copy write 2014 All Rights Reserved*
This content subject to change. Check back weekly….

Book Title: Unquiet Silence
copy write 2014 All Rights Reserved*

…A bit of Rodi’s journey

Rodi Sparks tells how she zip-lined through challenges, betrayal and self loathing with intrepid spunk while balancing the lives of others. Too many times, she looks for solace in her rock-hard heart, booze, suicide and a cup of tea.

Left her island home from ‘Sin Jawns’ (St. John’s) on the Newfie Bullet
Has been displaced since leaving decades ago. Missing her Nan’s toutons, living in Toronto, she became a joke, a foreigner in her country, Canada. Even when she finds acceptance and a plot against her disguised in friendship.
This upheaval sets her on a course, not her choice, even if at times, she believes so.

Rodi Sparks Sounds OFF!

Colour red
Shirley Temple ringlets
First pair of leather skates
Nun doll
Bride doll
Nurse Kit
Walk about
Blueberry picking
Nan’s toutons
Chiefs. NFL
Old B&W movies
Ice Skating
Watching Planes soar into the sky
Fine dining


Taken from her island
Saturday night stuck at home
Made fun off
Two face friends
Sometimes her brother
Wrong decisions
Special gift stolen from her
Betrayed by friends
Politics at work
Friend loses a ‘close to her heart’ ring
Air travel

A Fixer
Easily hurt
Stores Pain
says a lot
birth 3 boys
Thinks in black and white

It’s a girl – Born 8:02am

Rhyanne Elizabeth Sparks

I looked at the hot ribbons of blue and yellow. My brother’s shoulder brushed my elbow. He didn’t alarm me anymore than the rising flames. I didn’t think to yell fire.


About the Author

I was born a writer. Life gave me exposure, content and rhythm. It grew inside me – silent. Until I understood, shouting “I’m here to break the rules.”

Born on the rock, St. John’s Newfoundland. A maritime island off the east coast of Canada in the Atlantic Ocean. Over a hundred dialects you’ll hear around the island steeped in Irish, Queen’s English and French.
It’s shape seems to give the finger to those who still today, try to hold back Newfoundlanders.
Although leaving the rock at the age of eleven with the exodus of families heading to Canada’s mainland, my heart still remains back home.
Educated in English lit, Creative Writing, Travel and Children’s Literature, this insatiable road began with the Nuns at Presentation Convent. Later, after finishing grades 6-8 in various schools, I continued my love for words and writing at The Central High School of Commerce. Sheridan College and University of Toronto.
More than once a paper returned to me with a word or two circled in red and a ? mark. The teacher stating the word wasn’t real. It was. They were the misinformed, not understanding the Newfoundland language.
A dictionary has been written since my school days to teach our language to the world.
While studying at Uof T, a travel segment on Paris had been commissioned by the travel editor, at the time, for the Toronto Star.
I’m a student of the works of Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald Charlotte Bronte and many more. I’ve learned much from later authors such as the early works of Maeve Benchy and Anne Tyler.
Passion remains with me as I journeyed through life to write this novel. Never faltering from this goal. The time is here. Now this story needs telling.
I choose to use my pen name, as it effects an openness for me to write without a tether, the complexities of my heroine Rodi Sparks.
Her experiences, crisscross some of mine within timeless scourges, which today, has become fodder for supper news and daily headlines. The endless speeches and practiced concern created an exponential need within me to heal some personal cuts while giving the reader the opportunity to journey with Rodi Sparks.
Heroic, horrific, healing.
Hopefully it creates the salve needed to heal her soul. And mine.

Author’s Skills
Music (voice)
Book Reviews
Quality Antique dealer
Personal Assistant
Business Liaison
Problem Solver
Creative Writing
Travel Writing
Dabbled in journalism and children’s writing
Love of history
Love of languages
Love family
Read the dictionary

The train hissed from the Victorian Station. The steam hid my tears. The agony of my friends playing without me cracked my chest. More so, they already forgot me, my place covered over like the spaces the dead no longer used. 

“I love him. This is why I’m
leaving him.”

“If I don’t have the last word, check my vital signs.”

“If you make me cry once – Run!”

“With him, my heart burned. Without him, my heart burned out.”

If you say I’m mad by how much I laugh, then call me nuts.

AUTHOR: Jordie Morrissey

‘How do you hear Newfie,Anywhere, in my name, Rodi Sparks?

*No copying in any form. Ask permission to reblog any.all parts of this blog. Unquiet Silence is FINAL title of my novel

Some characters and situations are extracted from real events, places and people but changed in details, time period, etc. Any coincidence of many characters and events are the imagination of the writer.

Thank you for your time to read this blurb…Check back weekly for updates….
pictures uploaded asap


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