Spring Steps Flowers Renew

  I fill with hope and joy this time of year whether I want to or not. I never take life for granted nor its endless possibilities. For if I do, I know I have lost my battle to stay and smell the world anew with the flowers, fresh air and bountiful hopes of what comes my way. I’m a Catholic, not a good one, I say yet I hold my Faith and respect others who go in peace. This is not a rant about religion. We have enough of it. It’s about me. One person. Who holds spring inside, inhaling its life and saying thank you, I’m happy to be here to embrace my good days and my bad. If a flower, a whiff of Spring brings this much to me, I imagine how my friends and family will bloom this renewed beginning as my days will go on. The seed is my hope, the flowers my joy, another harvest is my love I give back to all I hold near. Happy Spring. Find your joy in a bounty of whatever way you choose. With peace.

“If I’m not here, no one can fill my place. I’m unique as my thumb print, in the way I show love and accept love.”



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